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Bersaglieri Spreadsheet for North Africa

Since I’m up and using the new AS42 organization, I figured I should go ahead and make the excel spreadsheet for it. This sheet is all updated to the latest options. I have to say the German allies were kind of a PITA to create. Please let me know if there are any errors. North_Africa_Italian_Battaglione_Bersaglieri_v0.1…


Kill Calculator

My buddy Paul made a XLS file that can give you the odds of killing a tank. Right now its only Germans on Germans, but he’s planning on expanding this if there is interest in a fully functioned probability worksheet. FOW Kill Table


British 7AD Infantry Excel Sheet

I created this spreadsheet awhile ago to create lists for the British 7th armored division out of Villers-Bocage. Its doesn’t include any of the armored lists, but is complete for the infantry lists including the Desert Rats and 50th TT. Just load this up in excel and click on the names of units to get…

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