Wargamming, Painting, and More… 

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Back Catalog Minis

I’m going to spend a few weeks posting my back catalog of miniatures. This is stuff that goes all the way back to the very first British motor company box that I bought at Gencon very shortly after v2 of the rules was released. Not all of it is painted by me. I’ve commissioned a few things and bought a few things already painted, but I’ll be sure to tell you what those are.  I’m sure you’ll see more than a few errors in decals in my early stuff. Some of it I was clearly more concerned about getting lead on the table than painting well. I’m posting it warts and all. Enjoy.


Tank Destroyer Company WIP Part 4

I’ve been working on my M18 Hellcats in bits and pieces. Painting road wheels and tracks is annoying and took longer than I thought it would. I should have painted tracks off the tank. Anyhow, that is just about over now and I’m working on setting the look for the hulls. I did a one off of the hull this evening. It still needs a light wash and decals, but it shows the general thought. Also the crew needs to be done, and I’ll be drilling out for antennas, etc.  Detailing the tanks is always the fun part. Continue Reading


Tank Destroyer Company WIP Part 3

Just a little work on defining the look of the tank destroyer company. I think I might stick with manual highlighting and shading rather than washes. Or a very controlled wash at best. I really like the yellow-green highlighting on the turrets I worked up. I’m unsure about the highlighting on the canvas of the gun mantle. I think I might have to back that down a little. Either way its really different than my usual style.


Wargamers’ Terrain Review

Today I recieved my order of custom terrain from Wargamersterrain.com. They offer an selection of flexible terrain along with  some American Civil War buildings, fences, and bridges. I ordered a set of their Flex Rivers and Flex Roads along with a couple extras. They offer an upgraded set of rivers as well if you want transparent water. They include 12 ft of river or road each. The owner of the business, Joe Linares, makes all the terrain himself and is very open to custom work. This includes not only coloring like specifying the same flock you base your troops with, but custom pieces as well. His normal offering is a more green flock, but I ordered arid coloring to match my mid-war desert forces. I also ordered a custom oasis. Full story after the break. Continue Reading


Tank Destroyer Company WIP Part 2

I got a little bit more done on my Tank Destroyer Company. The 2nd platoon of M18’s, security section, and the Company HQ have been assembled. I saved a little stowage from the M18 platoons and used it on the HQ’s M20 armored cars to make them stand out just a little more. So this is the core of my army. I still have one more M18 platoon to assemble, but that can be done in time.

These have been primed the Armory white primer. I usually use a brown primer, but I wanted the green to be a bit brighter on these and I’m planning on using an airbrush to lay down the base coat. The airbrush means I don’t have to worry about missed spots nearly as much. Priming was done in short bursts coming from opposite diagonals of the model (front left and rear right for example) and then filling in where needed. Gallery after the break. Continue Reading


Tank Destroyer Company WIP

I finally bought into Americans. The idea of a tank destroyer company has interested me for awhile and the new book, Blood Guts and Glory, finally made it a reality. Plus I could finally use the Hellcat. Speed and firepower? Yes please. I ordered 3 platoons of M18 Hellcats and a HQ as the core of my new army. I haven’t decided on the support just yet, but I’m going to share progress photos as I go along. Tonight I cleaned and assembled the first platoon including the security section. The rest of assembly will wait until after base paint. See the before and after stowage photos after the break. Continue Reading


The Brits are coming!

It has been a long time since I did a family photo. These are all my finished British Flames of War models. I’ve tried to arrange them vaguely by time period. The table they are on is 5’x8′ for a sense of scale. I still have a few things to finish up- Mainly another 4 5.5BL guns and some early war tankettes. Of course I have some Germans, Italians, and Russians in addition to this, but Brits are by far the biggest nation I have. Gallery after the break. Continue Reading


Armored Car Invasion

Confession. I didn’t just paint all these armored cars from scratch. I did a real basic paint job on about half of them shortly after starting to play Flames of War. I won most of them at auction and there they sat unloved, unused. With the improvement of wheeled vehicles in v3 I think I’m going to grab my armored cars our of retirement. I painted up the remaining cars- Dingos, scout UCs, Marmon-Herringtons, etc. The rest of them got touched up with things like unit markings, tools picked out, regiment and divisional markings, and antennas. The Dingos are my favorite. They started out as Normandy green, but I decided they needed to do with my desert force. I gave them a heavy dust coat to wear down the green and the crews in desert uniform. Presto- Dingos shipped down from the continent without time to repaint. By the way, I have no idea how you’re supposed to fit the weapons on these with the crew in them. There simply isn’t room. I left them out and they still look great. The scout universal carriers. Ugg. I dropped these while matte coating them. Worst time ever. Paint is soft, and sticky and you’re at the end of a long road. I repaired the “oops” but you can see a chipped corner on the UC. No biggie, I’ll touch that one up. I didn’t notice until it was in photos. Anyhow, its shaping up to be a nice armored car force and legal to use a couple of ways in mid-war. I can’t want to give them a shot. Full gallery after the break. Continue Reading


Ragruppamento Artiglieria

I’ve had this box of artillery literally for years. I finally got the motivation to paint it with the new v3 rules and a bit of renewed interest in flames of war. This artillery set was a bit of a labor of love and an art project for me. Normally I wouldn’t spend this much time on a unit, but I wanted it to match the quality of the rest of my Italians. I filled the bases in which is a PITA. I magnetized the 100mm gun bases and made it interchangeable with the 105mm early war guns so I could use both guns with the same figures. The 105’s are Quality Castings by the way. I don’t think Battlefront even makes these guns yet. Anyhow, they have paint chipping on the gun shields and wear areas. They have rusts and grime. Its probably the best unit I’ve painted so far. Its easier to take the time when you’re not in a rush to get stuff onto the gaming table. More pics after the break. Continue Reading


Italian Misc.

I’ve been working through a large backlog of painting recently. These were partially finished a long time ago and just now finished up. I’ve long since given up on scenic objectives in tournament play. They just get in the way and discourage me from placing troops in a legal spot. The transport I just never use. Who know, I might actually find a use for it now that v3 allows recall of transport when you need it. More pictures after the break. Continue Reading