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OQF 17pdr Anti-Tank Gun

Its time for some late war fun. These are 17lb AT guns. Again they are very rarely used unit. Under v2 AT guns were not a terribly effective choice. As an immobile gun they had a very difficult time getting concealed and re-positioning them was a huge hassle. These were painted quite awhile after my initial foray in Flames of War. I picked them up to be used as 17/25 guns for Tunisia in Mid-War. The guns and crew are all Command Decision. The crew looks a bit smaller and thinner than the BF infantry. The bases also aren’t standard BF bases. They’re a wood base the same size.

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Crusader Tank

The Crusader tank has to be one of my favorite British tanks- at least visually. It is iconic for the desert way and just generally look funky. It is a real shame it has never been a viable tank for use in Flames of war.

In Mid-War it simply is too under-powered. Everything can penetrate its thin armor, but its not really fast or cheap enough to make up for it.

In Early War it is actually a pretty good tank. Okay armor, good gun, and some neat special rules. However it was a casualty of the nuclear BAR nerf that Battlefront instituted after the BAR’s tournament success. Sadly nobody was cry about the Crusader and it still got hit. Its price relative to other tanks now is just absurd.

I have two different brands of Crusader tanks. The ones with the decals are Crusader III tanks by battlefront. Other than the unit number I’m pretty confident in this being an accurate paint scheme. (Aside from the barrel bands on the platoon leader). The other tanks are Command Decision models and close to 1/3rd the price now. They were done up quickly to bulk up my forces. I should go back and touch up the details one of these days. All paint work is by me. Continue Reading


Valentine Tank

The Valentine tank has to be one of my least used units. It seems in nearly every situation there is another tank thank accomplishes what it does better. Its slow, has a bad gun, and rather mediocre armor. However I haven’t played much early war where it might have a chance to shine. I think I’ve fielded these exactly once. The paint is nothing special on these, but its passable. Paintwork by me, model by Command Decision. Continue Reading


Churchill Mk IV Tank


These Churchill tanks have to be one of the most often used tanks I own yet sadly on of the worst jobs I’ve done on armor. The treads are on backwards for example. I had no idea back then, but they fit better that way and I assumed it was the correct way. The camouflage is probably entirely ahistorical. I’ve seen other tanks with this pattern, but I can’t recall a Churchill. There are very few marking on the tank, and those that exist are hand painted. I painted barrel bands as a way to identify the command tank. Of course this is a German thing, not a British thing. In short its pretty much a disaster of a model. Painting by me sadly, and model by Command Decision. I have have some better painted AVRE Churchills I painted later. Continue Reading


Dropzone Commander Initial Thoughts

I got my Dropzone Commander rule book in and have been giving it a good read through. I figured it was time to give some initial thoughts on the system since there aren’t a whole lot of reviews of the game out just yet.

The Book

First up, lets just talk about the book itself. It is a 152 page, A4, perfect bound, soft-cover, full color, rule book. There are a ton of pictures in the book showing off their miniature line and plenty of helpful diagrams. All for only $23. That is a pretty impressive value for a rule book and I think its clear that Hawk Wargames isn’t trying to profiteer on their rules. I’m hoping for a PDF version soon.

The layout of the book is merely okay. It doesn’t have nearly the graphical polish that say Flames of War or Warmachine has. In fact the book has one fairly major layout flaw. They put in too narrow of a gutter in the binding so the text tends to run into the spine a little bit. This has me a little concerned for the longevity of the spine as perfect bound books tend to fall apart when you flex them open a lot. Plus it leaves no room to spiral bind the book later if the spine does fall apart. Additionally, this is going to make photocopying the templates and tokens in the back of the book a bit more of a challenge.  These are available to download.

The book is broken up into several sections. The first covers the back story of the universe. The second part covers the rules. The third section is the faction unit lists and special rules. The last part is a small photo gallery and the templates that you can copy for your own use. Most of these sections have a different color on the edge of the page so its easy to find. For some reason the fiction and rules use the same color. Its not a huge issue as the fiction is only a couple pages, but it would have been nice to go for another color there as well. Continue Reading


Dirty Dirty Staghounds

One of my buddies birthday wasn’t long ago and he doesn’t paint. I decided I would offer to paint something for him. He wanted a set of Staghounds from the XII Manitoba Dragoons. These are all decaled up correctly as near as I can tell. The set features a few turret swap options. First is the AA turrets. They were issued to the Dragoons but apparently never used. They got cut from the PDF, but I did a few of them up in case he wants to run them as non-Canadian units sometime. The second option is the Staghound III turrets. I had a couple extra Crusader turrets laying around from a previous project so those got recycled here. I’m not sure if the barrel is 100% right as it looks like it should have a muzzle break in pictures. However it is what was in the blister with the Staghounds. I would have done more antennas as they were specified with them, but they also aren’t in almost any of the historical pictures I saw. I did the weathering with Vallejo pigments. Models by Battlefront, Painting by me.  Continue Reading


Shermans and more Shermans


The Sherman tank and its variants have to be one of the most common tanks in WWII. There seem to be a million variations depending on country of service. I got a platoon of Sherman III tanks with my motor company boxed set and a few more Sherman II and Firefly VC that I picked up for use in late war. Despite being such a common tank I rarely use them. I perfer to use the cooler looking Brit only models most of the time. However I recently picked up a US force so I’m sure Sherman tanks are going to make a comeback in my lists. The Sherman IIIs in desert camo are Battlefront models. The Shermans in green are Command Decision Models. The little crown looking things on the sides of some of them are supposed to be tiger paws from how many tiger kills they’ve had. Absolutely not historical as far as I know, but fun. The last group of models is a platoon of 4 I bought at a convention. The regular Shermans look to be Command Decision. The Firefly is resin, not sure what make, but its white resin, not gray like Battlefront uses.  I painted all the groups of 3. The group of 4 was purchased.

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Every army needs a motor pool of jeeps, trucks, etc to be distributed on a by need basis. I’ve never used transport much. In Flames of War v2 it was pretty useless. In v3 it got a little better, but I still see soft transport as very situational. It is hard to shell out for the cost of trucks when you don’t know if you’ll ever field it. Most of these came from my motor company boxed army. All the vehicles were painted by me. The crew for the jeeps was part of the commission from Jeff Cohen. All the trucks, the universal carrier, and the jeeps with the crew are Battlefront. The jeeps without crew are Command Decision models. Continue Reading


British Midwar Infantry.

My very first force in Flames of War was a midwar British motor infantry box. Shortly after getting them I realized how bad a motor infantry force is and expanded them to use as rifles instead. My initial set of two platoons of motor infantry was painted by Jeff Cohen as commission work. I did a third platoon myself. The third platoon allows me to run them as either two rifle platoons or three motor platoons. The new platoon I painted is marked to be played either way.  The infantry forces without the white rocks on the base are the ones that I painted. The command stands are the company command stands. They have remained a staple of my British forces for the entire time I have played FOW. All models are by Battlefront.

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Cromwell Tanks

First up I am going to start a little out of order. I promised someone on WWPD better pics of my Cromwells and so I’m going to skip ahead a bit. These Cromwells were one of the very first late war things I bought. I actually got them before I had any rules for them. Festrung Europa had just come out and I was excited to use the new toys the Brits were getting. This was before I knew Battlefront was going to take years to cover late war. I figured it would be like midwar and done in a book or two at most. Oh boy was I ever wrong.

Anyhow these are Command Decision models. They are actually quite good for Command Decision. The detail was pretty crisp and not a ton of flash. They must have been newer molds at the time. Paint is pretty basic green with Desert Rats markings. I think I may have even gotten them mostly right on these. I’d have to check the numbers to be sure. A bit of silvering on the decals on close inspection. Decals are from Battlefront. Continue Reading