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Eclipse Population Trays

Eclipse has been out for nearly a year now and has been out of stock almost that entire time. The first print run was really limited and sold out immediately. Then it got hugely popular on Board Game Geek. The second run I was on the fence and missed it. I finally got on board with the third print run.

One of the hassles of the game is player sheets with a ton of little cubes that you have to wrangle. One bump of the table and they go flying everywhere. Several people have trays for sale, but I decided to design my own. Its not hard, just a quick vector drawing and off to the laser cutter. I’m issuing the plans for them as a Creative Commons NC-SA license. Feel free to print, remix, and share. Just don’t sell them, or sell anything based on them. The particular file is setup for Outfab, but should work for most places that have 12″x12″ cutting areas.

Eclipse Population Tray Template


Matilda II Infantry Tank

The Matilda has been a bit of a mixed bag for me in Flames of War. In mid-war It just isn’t that great of a tank. Its slow, it has a weak gun, and its armor is easily penetrated by many tanks and anti-tank guns. In early-war the Matilda II is a monster. It is neigh invulnerable and can penetrate just about any opponent. Of course it is horribly expensive, but I have had all sorts of fun experiences with them advancing up a flank while my opponent it shooting for 6’s to bail.

It is another one of those tanks that really makes me wish they had broken up mid war a little differently. Say break the period around Gazala. Before the Pz IV F2 is really and swing, and before the Sherman shows up. That would all for some real mid-war feeling battles and tanks like this and crusaders to really make a showing. As-is you end up with the same equipment as Normandy being fielded all the time. Continue Reading


‘Honey’ Stuart Tank

I love Stuart tanks. They are fast. They are cheap. They have enough armor to make sure your enemy has to take a big stick in order to deal with them. They are ideal for exploiting holes or flanks,  and can be on top of the enemy before he’s ready for them. I try to work them into most of my mid-war infantry forces as one of the mobile units.

I have a couple sets of Stuart tanks. The first set of six is by Command Decision. The super simple paint was done entirely by me. The other two Stuarts I own are by Battlefront. They are in an American paint scheme and were painted by Lysander. I got them as part of a trade to even up platoon sizes. Continue Reading


Kingdom of Britain WIP part 2

I finished most of the detail work on the Kingdom of Britain starter box last night. I still have to finish the field generators and then to the washes, decals, and weathering. Starting to look pretty sharp though. I’m undecided what color scheme to do for the tiny flyer tokens. I started a few in yellow like the Tiger Moth. The buddy I’m painting these for is a big plane guys so I’m sure he’ll have a suggestion.


Heavy Gear Schnell Alpha 1.21

I haven’t worked on this in awhile, but I never did post the latest changes to the game system I wrote for the heavy gear models. Overall goal of the system was to resolve some of the more fiddly bits of the game system- EW and an overly complex cover system. I also wanted to change the weapons systems so light high ROF weapons had a place and you wouldn’t always want to reach for your heaviest gun. Heavy Gear Blitz isnt’ a bad system, but you can clearly see its hex based lineage in its design. This is an attempt to get the feel without the baggage. I’d love to hear people’s feedback if you decide to give it a try.

Heavy Gear Schnell A1.21


Kingdom of Britain Starter Box WIP

I started another starter box tonight. This time Kingdom of Britain (KOB). It isn’t for me, but for a friend who always plays the Brits in every game we play. Camo is again laid down with the airbrush, but this time I laid down light gray, cut a whole lot of tiny masking tape strips, and masked the light gray. I then sprayed dark gray over top to get the fun pattern you see. Decks were up next as its the deepest detail that I need to paint. I also am painting in as many parts as possible since painting around turrets etc was such a pain with the french.


Republique of France Starter Box

I finished my Republique of France (ROF) starter army earlier today. I had been holding off for decals, but I found that the cost to get them shipped way out weighed what I wanted out of them. They’ll have to live without them. I tried a new technique with the ROF fleet, oil washing. Oil washing is using oil paints to wash instead of acrylic inks or paints. The technique is similar, but oils stay wet an incredibly long time. That means you can clean up excess wash easily. No bad lumpy sections of wash. The real kicker is that you can go back with a q-tip soaked in mineral spirits later and completely clean flat surfaces. No need to have dirty looking models or do back and re-highlight after a wash anymore. Anyhow, it was a fun box to paint. Still haven’t had a chance to play the game, but is a cheap box with a lot of models. The color scheme is pulled off a F4F wildcat. Complete with counter-shading on the surface skimmers and flyers. Gallery after the break. Continue Reading


Dropzone Commander PHR WIP part 2

I finally started serious work on my PHR Dropzone Commander army. I’ve been learning to use my airbrush and I spent a whole lot of time sorting out paint thinning issues before I could really do much with them. First they were primed grey with the airbrush. Next I went through and did panel lines and pre-shading in black with the airbrush. That’s why you see the uneven base coat. Its the preshading coming through. Last I went and did the base layer, building it slowly with the airbrush so that the pre-shading still shows though. After I’m done there I have a lighter highlight layer to put down before I start worrying about painting details. It should give the models a really neat dimensional look. Still lots of work to go, but at least its moving.


Dystopian Wars work in progress

My buddy Paul convinced me to get a starter pack of Dystopian Wars models. They’re not expensive and its been a long time since we’ve done a naval type game. Of course Dystopian Wars isn’t strictly naval, but we don’t really plan on doing much with the land side of the game. After a little consideration I bought a Republique of France starter. Here’s my pics from base coating with my air brush to glossed and ready for decals, inks, and weathering. It’s been a lot of fun painting something with a little more latitude for color schemes. Also its a nice break to try a different type of model as well. Gallery of pics after the break. Continue Reading


Bofors 40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

The Bofors is a great AA gun, except for its one major flaw- Its not mobile. It seems everyone else gets good mobile AA in Mid-War, but the Brits are stuck with these in most lists. It has a good range, anti-tank rating, rate of fire, and firepower. Its even pretty cheap. However not being able to move the guns basically means you’re betting even money on your opponent taking  planes and your AA can’t be used offensively. Sort of a bad deal most of the time.

The models here are by Battlefront. They suck packing these guns. You can only buy them in groups of two and you deploy in groups of three. So unless you want a huge useless battery you end up with a gun left over. Painting is by me. Continue Reading