Wargamming, Painting, and More… 

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Late War Commandos

I painted my first platoon of commandos recently. I even modeled them sans underwear so they’ll be commando squared! While I’ve done a fair amount of infantry before, I have almost always stuck to pretty flat simple basing. The commandos are a couple of firsts for me.


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DIY Static Grass Applicator

If you’ve been working on scenic bases or terrain for war games for any length of time you have probably run into static grass. It does a great job of simulating grass, but it can be a little hard to work with. My initial attempts with it were met with a kinda of matted down cut-grass sort of look. I never was able to achieve that real growing field look. People have tried all sorts of shakers, puffers, and sprinkling techniques to get it to stand up. Some of them work ok, but I’m here to tell you how the big dogs do it. Electrostatic field generation. Several thousand volts as almost no current.


If you’ve seen the commercial machines you’ll see the are extremely high priced. While those uppity railroad modeler guys may have the bank to blow on silly things like that, we wargamers are cheap! I can tell you how to make a home made tool that does the same job for under $20.

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Welcome to The Rules Lawyer! This is my very first ever blog post, but I thought it would be a good place to organize the gaming stuff that I and my buddies have been working on. So stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated with all the fun stuff that we’re working on.