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Steampunk Templates

I’ve been working with the laser cutter at work recently and designed a few templates to be compatible with Dystopian Wars. I have a set of 4 turning templates in the required sizes. Mine are improved from the ones in the book aside from having original artwork.

The large template includes a 270 degree arc template for measuring firing angles. The Medium template is marked for use as a measuring tool. The small template is marked to be able to use the middle to turn in tight spaces where it is difficult to get the full template down. The 45 degree template has been contracted to a continuous turn instead of just two places to make a legal turn. It also has a 90 arc to help determine ram angles. I also made a 4″ mine template as well as a 2″ ‘warp’ template.

The two round ones etched a bit lighter than I expected, but they’re still quite usable. The next set I will turn up the power on them. My previous experiments didn’t have paper masking on the surface. That means less power to etch, but also I got frosting from the laser near the etching. These are nice and clean. I also have a couple colors of blue I’m going to try this design on.



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  1. Brian looks great lmk when you will.sell them

  2. They will be available at some point. Still thinking about pricing and working out the bugs of getting everything right. It took 3 sheets of acrylic to get the point I’m happy with the engraving tonight. Unfortunately these won’t be nearly as cheap as the plain ones that are on the market currently. These take a ton more time on the cutter.

  3. First, this is seriously cool, and chalk me up for a purchase or two when you think it’s ready!

    Second, have you considered an 8-inch range band measure in the same style, to include in the set? :)

  4. Micky, I can cut some if you’re interested. I figure $20 for the turn templates, $30 if you want the mine and warp as well. I’ll see about doing a 8″ range stick as well. Shouldn’t be terribly difficult. I’d expect a little lead time as this point as I have to schedule some time on the laser.

    • That’s no problem at all – take as long as you need. I’ll have money waiting for you whenever you’re ready :)
      Yes, I would like the full set, blast ones too, and a range ruler :)

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