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TIE Fighter Repaints

xwing (14 of 9)I’m not sure if there were really any Imperial guard TIE fighters. If their were, maybe they would look like these? The TIE with the stripe was hand done on top of the basic paint job with AV Hull Red. Could be a little brighter and straighter. Maybe I’ll fix it one of these days. I had to use a flash to really make it show in the close shots. The full on red TIE is just painted over the stock blue job. It took awhile to do all those tiny wing spars. I don’t think I’ll be doing any more. The solar panels are still black, they are just glowing red from all the red nearby. Gallery after the break. Continue Reading


B-Wing Conversion

xwing (12 of 13)This is a simple conversion of a B-Wing. Cockpit was sliced off and turned 90 degrees and re-glued. The post from between the engines was removed and excavated with a dremel. I used the dremel to make a small shallow hole in the wing to glue in the remains of the post from the rear. After the conversion it was given a black oil wash in order to enhance detail. Gallery after the break. Continue Reading


X-wing Repaints

xwing (1 of 13)I’ve been getting into the x-wing miniatures game recently. The model come pre-painted, and they do a pretty good job. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement, or just looking to add a little variety. These are my 5 x-wings. One is Wedge from the Bacta War series of x-wing novels. The rest are just variations on the basic fighter. Some I changed the astro droid color. Some I painted the nose cone, engine intakes, or added a stripe. All of them have the engines, laser tubes, and engine glow painted. Pretty basic stuff, but it add a lot to the squad. Gallery after the break. Continue Reading


Vauban Sky Fortress

I have to say this is one of the most ridiculous models I have ever painted. Its huge for the scale- almost softball sized. Its a flying double wide aircraft carrier for god’s sake! There is an insane amount of detail to pick out as well. Unfortunately most of that is on the bottom where is doesn’t get seen while on the table, but I know its there. I haven’t actually had a chance to play with this bad boy, but I think it is going to make a great centerpiece for my Republique of France fleet. Gallery after the break. Continue Reading


Steampunk Templates

I’ve been working with the laser cutter at work recently and designed a few templates to be compatible with Dystopian Wars. I have a set of 4 turning templates in the required sizes. Mine are improved from the ones in the book aside from having original artwork.

The large template includes a 270 degree arc template for measuring firing angles. The Medium template is marked for use as a measuring tool. The small template is marked to be able to use the middle to turn in tight spaces where it is difficult to get the full template down. The 45 degree template has been contracted to a continuous turn instead of just two places to make a legal turn. It also has a 90 arc to help determine ram angles. I also made a 4″ mine template as well as a 2″ ‘warp’ template.

The two round ones etched a bit lighter than I expected, but they’re still quite usable. The next set I will turn up the power on them. My previous experiments didn’t have paper masking on the surface. That means less power to etch, but also I got frosting from the laser near the etching. These are nice and clean. I also have a couple colors of blue I’m going to try this design on. Continue Reading


Eclipse Population Trays v2

My first shot with the Eclipse population trays didn’t work out so well. They were too small, and the stock looked like it had been bumped in the middle of cutting. Fortunately Outfab.com took care of me and re-cut the trays for free.

The cut was perfect this time along with the size. It yields 15 trays like I expected with no issues. The trays I cut are black, but you can use clear, or any color you like. The brown in the big stack of trays is the protective paper coating.

The cubes fit great and the inside corners are all radius-ed to limit cracking on corners. If anyone is interested in having a set cut, you can use this file or I can arrange to have some trays cut for you for $3 a tray plus shipping.  Continue Reading


Kingdom of Britain Dreadnought

This is another piece I’ve been working on for a friend. It is a little more showy than the starter box stuff, but a dreadnought is a center piece of a fleet. Same basic scheme, just more attention paid to the details. I’m pretty happy with how the glowing effect from the generators came off.






Continue Reading


Welcome to the New Look

I changed up the look of the site recently.  I hope you enjoy the changes. The new layout should scale much better to a wider variety of screen sizes and resolutions. It is also a more modern theme that supports more plugins. You now have the ability to share articles from The Rules Lawyer on facebook, twitter and more. Look for the share button at the bottoms of posts. The Rules Lawyer is also now available under its own domain- www.theruleslawyer.com You can still continue to use the old address as well, but this will make it easier to find. If you experience any problems with the new layout, please me me know.


Couronne WIP

I have been working on additions to my french fleet alongside the KOB starter fleet I’ve been painting. This is my first addition, a Couronne class battle carrier. Not only does it give you another wing of TFTs, but it brings some pretty nice guns to the fights.

At this stage I’ve worked through most of my base painting and am just going through and looking for details that I can pick out. I’m hoping to find some decals for the flight deck. Numbers, stripes, and a Fleur-de-lis. Continue Reading


Kingdom of Britain Starter Fleet

I finished the Dystopian Wars starter fleet box that I have been working on for a friend. The basic paint scheme is pretty much right off the box, but the blue gun metal is new, and I’m pretty sure the flyers are different. I didn’t really reference it while painting, he just pointed me to a fleet he liked. The tiny flyer tokens are a bit different. One group is painted after the Tiger Moth, the other after the Swordfish. Once I do a carrier there will be a group of Sopwith Camels. The board you see here is new too. Its painted hardboard that was done by another friend. Gallery after the break. Continue Reading